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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring our customers the best solutions at the best prices, with the quality and reliability that you can trust.


Our company philosophy is based on our many years of application development and consulting experience. eComDev Studio Ltd. has a team of very experienced and self-motivated software developers and consultants. Motivation and momentum are derived from our dynamic approach to projects, and innovative software development providing competitive advantage for our customers.

Our application development philosophy is centered on the idea that many components of a solution can be implemented in a generic way. Generic solutions also tend to be more flexible and much more robust to changes in the business environment. We tailor such solutions to customer's needs, fine tuning them where necessary without losing flexibility.

Developing applications is, in our view, a creative process. Our management procedures are focused on improving productivity and nurturing creativity in our staff.

Founding Principles

eComDev Studio Ltd. is committed to strong values and our founding principles are:

  • Putting clients and customers first;
  • Acting with integrity at all times;
  • Commitment to best quality and teamwork.